Studio Performing Artist Submission

Thank you for considering being a Studio Performing Artist for the Warrior Songs “Story to Song” program.  Here’s what you need to know to get involved.  Please review the requirements and then fill out the form below and submit.

Warrior Songs needs top notch bands to bring the songs we create to life in the studio.  If you’re interested please provide us with a bio, website, and links to at least 1 but no more than 2 of your released materials.  Here’s what you need to know.

The Veteran is in control of the process the entire time.  The Veteran must review and approve the studio draft of the song you perform on. 

Studio Performers volunteer their time.  Warrior Songs is a non-profit with limited resources.  We require that all Studio Performers volunteer their time.  You will not be compensated for your performance.  You will receive a box of 35 free copies of the CD when it comes out that you may sell for profit.  You will receive attention through press and promotion.  As of today, there are over 18,000 copies of Warrior Songs in circulation

Warrior Songs pays for the Studio time.  Warrior Songs pays for studio time and any required studio musicians if they are necessary for the project.  The use of paid studio musicians is the sole discretion of Warrior Songs. 

Warrior Songs will select the recording studio.  Warrior Songs works with studios around the country.  If you have a favorite studio that you already work with, we will be more than glad to consider them for recording the song.

Warrior Songs accepts all awards on behalf of all the Veterans, Songwriters, and Studio Artists When Warrior Songs wins an award, you win an award!

Studio Artists must agree to allow Warrior Songs to use their likeness in promotion.  Only the Veterans are allowed complete anonymity in this process.  Songwriters who are not contributing Veterans must give permission for Warrior Songs to use their likeness and information as promotional tools.

Submission is not a guarantee of being selected.  Compilation CD’s can years to create.  Please be patient. 

If you agree with the program guidelines listed above and would like to be considered as a Studio Performing Artist for future volumes, please fill out this application and submit.



Studio Artist Submission Form