One of the many important qualities that set a Warrior Songs Program apart is that we do not present “canned programs” or hold the belief that “one size fits all”.

The experiences of each of our practitioners as well as the philosophy of the entire Warrior Songs organization teach that although veterans may have shared similar experiences, no two veterans process that experience in quite the same way.

In short, we listen to our clients and tailor our approach to provide them with the very best experience and the most positive outcome.

We would welcome the opportunity of beginning a dialog with you to discuss our mutual goals and how our programs listed below can be tailored to meet your community’s needs.

Musical Education and Entertainment

Our team of veteran musicians/veteran friendly musicians provides entertainment designed to educate about veteran issues including Post traumatic Stress, Military Sexual Trauma, and various stages of combat recovery.

Story to Song Program

Our team is available to facilitate the collaboration of established musicians who work with veterans to develop their written works, turning them into a platform for self-expression and healing.

Creative and Expressive Arts Retreats: Another Way to Share your Story

Warrior Songs Retreats offer a safe and supportive healing space and retreat model. Warrior Songs is committed to facilitating healing through the creative arts to reclaim life with joy and hope.

Experienced therapists and clinicians facilitate the healing process to help participants fully understand and integrate all aspects of the war experience by using creative and expressive arts. Departure, service, and transition home are explored in depth allowing art to become testimony to the pain of war and to the joy of the healing process. Each participant will create a personal plan of action moving them forward to a new perspective and to deeper healing.

Retreats are host to between 16-18 people. This small size ensures a quality experience and safe container for each person's truth to be shared, honored and held. Held in a beautiful and peaceful setting, these four day retreats are designed to balance time for reflection, introspection, expression and creativity.

Painting photo credit: 02 by dogrando, on Flickr. Used with Creative Commons license.

Discounted CDs to Veterans and Veteran Healers

Warrior Songs offers discounted CDs which have healing and beneficial to veterans, Veterans Administration Staff, DOD, and any private group or individual doing legitimate veteran healing work or advocacy.

2013-2015 Veggies For Vets (V4V)

Veggies For Vets (V4V) was an annual family-friendly fundraising event that connects veterans and their families with locally-grown, organic produce.  This connection was made by raising funds to purchase CSA produce shares for identified in-need veterans and their families . An initiative of Warrior Songs, Veggies For Vets was hosted at Peacefully Organic Produce and CSA (POPs), a veteran-led community farm in Westport, WI.