A small sampling of the testimonials Warrior Songs has received since 2010


This was an amazing retreat that I was fortunate to attend. WOW! I couldn't have imagined the new tools I would get and the healing that would take place. An awesome organization that helped me feel so welcomed and loved. They have given me a gift to take with me and share with others. Can’t thank Jason Moon and his expert, loving staff enough!

Clara Acker – US Army MST Survivor


Jason, although I had purchased your CD after meeting you in Dryhootch a while ago, I just started listening to it when I had some quiet moments to REALLY LISTEN. I must say that it struck some deep chords with me, and there were some painful messages. Despite this, it is giving me some inspiration to continue on my healing journey. Thank you for your music.

Betsy Beckner-Saunders - US Navy and US Army Veteran


Jason Moon is a great man and advocate. I have had the honor to call him a friend and warrior brother. He has a great program and i have seen the magic first hand.

Jason Kamora -  Air Force Combat Veteran


Jason Moon’s music is played during an opening Soldier’s Heart circle. The words hit home to the emotions bubbling at the surface. Tears of release and healing begin triggered from Jason’s prose. We begin our journey of trust, inquiry and healing amongst a room full of strangers who have quickly become family amidst the common denominator of war healing. Jason’s Music sets the stage. We love him and are grateful for his gift.

Jan Newell – Sister of a Vietnam Veteran


I was first a consumer of Jason’s music. When listening I as I often do to music I miss the words and the meaning, until I heard a particular song “The Best of Me” it spoke to me. I felt like he was singing about me. My view of the world. It has helped me set that waypoint of where I was. I had the honor of later working with Jason in a PTSD awareness program in the Fox Valley. I think his music is an articulation of many combat veterans. It speaks for us who are hurting and by the way, society sometimes turns there back on us, when they don’t want to help us with our costs of war, and fighting for this Nation. Jason has a way of articulating that in a good way to people in his music and programming.

James Wagner – US Army 951st Sappers Afghanistan 2010


I’m not alone……this sums up only some of the impact Jason’s music on PTSD has had on me. For many years, I was afraid to tell anyone about my problems as I thought they would not understand me and see me differently. Thanks to Jason’s music, I was able to reenter treatment and get the help I needed for so long for my PTSD. Ashamed no more, I am living a more confident and fulfilling life and I have to thank Jason for his music that gave me the courage once more to fight for my freedom.

Anonymous Veteran - Veterans Sanctuary Allentown, PA

I am a mental health provider who works primarily with veterans who live with the aftermath of war. Many struggle to make sense of their experiences and are trying to figure out how to somehow fit into themselves and civilian society again. I am always looking for ways to have a conversation with veterans about what is happening to them in a manner that is both close to their experience and non-clinical so that they can really hear and absorb the information. I think your CD tells a story that is both very recognizable and hopeful. It is great to have such beautiful music and lyrics available to listen to with veterans. I wish I could give each of them a copy of your CD to take home.

Johanna (Hans) Buwalda - M.Ed., M.A., L.C.P.C.


Jason’s music touches veterans at an emotional level that is true to our experiences. As a fellow veteran, and doctoral student in counseling psychology, his music is relevant and therapeutic. In my personal opinion, it is stories such as his, that need to be heard, seen and felt by the individuals that have no idea of what our experiences were and how it affects the way, we continue to experience life.

Irene Beltzer- TSgt USAF -Doctoral Student, PsyD., Walden University


In response to a letter asking if our CDs helped with a veteran:

Yes you did. Thank you. I gave it to my patient who has since been back in clinic looking to get off his narcotics and get his life back as best he can. Whether it was your CD or just a choice he made I am thankful for your willingness to donate it to him.

Lori Menzel - Veterans Counselor


There is a belief that art is medicine. Jason Moon’s music is medicine for all who listen. The universal theme of “home” as described in his poignant song, “Trying to Find My Way Home”, reaches veterans and their families, as well as civilians. The lyrics gently tell his story of serving in the Iraq war, bringing forth not only his memories, but also inviting those who listen to the possibilities of healing and return. Jason’s zeal in using his music as a tool to share his experiences is present in his passionate performances .The words he sings and the timbre of his voice are testimony to his own healing and foster personal inquiry to one’s inner landscape: ” Can I come home too ?”. I have personally witnessed the effect of his songs at a retreat for veterans. His music sets the tone for healing. His message is that there is hope, and that you can come home again.

Lin Daley - Veteran Healer


Get Jason's album and distribute it far and wide…. Jason's disc of songs as a veteran about the veteran journey to war and back is one of the most profound testaments I've ever encountered on the full cost of war.  This album of songs itself is a textbook on PTSD.  It covers all the wounds; substance abuse and alcohol suicidal feelings and just being lost and alone and saying good-by to your beloved son who you may never see again the night before you leave for war; and I could go on and on..

Edward Tick, Ph.D. - Author, WAR AND THE SOUL


I got the CD you sent me. I have never in my life listened to every song on a cd... I have listened to every song on "Trying to find my way home"... And I want to scream from the rooftops "this is it!! This guy gets it and is telling you! Pay attention!" 

Heather Mitchell – PTSD Widow