Songwriters Submissions Page

Thank you for considering being a songwriter for the Warrior Songs “Story to Song” program.  You do not need to be a Veteran to be a songwriter for Warrior Songs.  Here’s what you need to know to get involved.  Please review the requirements and then fill out the form below and submit. 

The Veteran is in control of the process the entire time.  The Veteran may reject your song, though this is rare, it does happen, and you must agree to not distribute the unapproved song.

The Songwriter must sign a Composer Agreement contract before being assigned a song
Review a blank copy of the contract here.

The Songwriter must submit a one page bio and no more than 2 examples of their songwriting.  You must provide at least one but no more than 2 links to songs you’ve written and a one page bio.  Songs can be any quality, just send us the best you have.  We prefer a direct link to your song.  Sound cloud is a free and easy way to upload your songs and share a link with us. 

The Veteran becomes a co-writer and co-owner of the song.  All parties sign a songwriter split contract which you can review here.  Warrior Songs uses the Nashville Rule: “Write a word, get a third”.  This means everyone involved in the writing process gets an equal ownership stake in the song, with no one having a greater share than the Veteran.  You are free to utilize additional co-writers, if they also agree to the terms of the program.

The Songwriter must sign a songwriter split contract after the song is finished and approved
Review a blank copy of the contract here.

The Songwriters remain complete owners of the song.  The song remains in perpetuity, the property the songwriters as defined by the songwriter split contract.  Songs distributed digitally through online retailers have their royalties administered by CD Baby Publishing.  Every songwriter must belong to a Professional Rights Organization.  Be sure to sign up as a songwriter or writer.  BMI membership is free and easy here.  The songwriters collect all royalties for digital sales, non-Warrior Songs physical sales, streaming, and any sync licensing.  Monetary distribution is administered through your PRO and CD Baby Publishing

The Songwriters must give Warrior Songs permission to distribute physical CD’s royalty free.  Warrior Songs gives away physical copies for free to Veterans and for a donation of any amount to non-veterans.  Because of this we ask the songwriter to agree to allow Warrior Songs to distribute these CD’s royalty free.   This only applies to the CD’s Warrior Songs distributes, any other physical CD distribution would need to pay songwriter royalties to all songwriters.

The Songwriters must agree to give Warrior Songs two years of exclusive rights.  The master made in the studio becomes the property of Warrior Songs.  The songwriters agree not to release their own version of their song on any other CD’s or compilations until two years after its release on a Warrior Songs compilation.  This allows listeners to enjoy the entire compilation as the only purchasable source of the song, which brings attention to all the songs on the compilation.  Once the two years has elapsed, songwriters are encouraged to release the song on their own projects, though they must record a new version of the song.  

The Songwriters must agree to allow Warrior Songs to publish the chords and lyrics.  Warrior Songs creates a free to download PDF songbook to encourage Music Therapists and other Musicians to perform the songs.  The songbooks are made available at the Warrior Songs website.

The Songwriters must agree to allow Warrior Songs to use their likeness in promotion.  Only the Veterans are allowed complete anonymity in this process.  Songwriters who are not contributing Veterans must give permission for Warrior Songs to use their likeness and information as promotional tools.

The Songwriters must agree to allow Warrior Songs to pick the Studio Recording Artist.  Often times, the songwriters we work with are multi-talented and we invite them into the studio to perform the song.  However, Warrior Songs may choose, in conjunction with the Veteran, an artist or artists other than the songwriter for the Studio Recording.  The songwriter must be willing to allow their song to be performed by an artist other than themselves to be part of this project.

If you agree with the program guidelines listed above and would like to be considered for a songwriting assignment, please fill out the form below.


Songwriter Submission Form