1. 188th
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188th by Jacob George
Lyrics & Music by Jacob George
Source: Jacob George served three tours in the Afghan war. When he returned he struggle with PTSD. Jacob founded Operation Awareness and bicycled across the country on A Ride to the End to bring awareness to struggles veterans face. In 2013, Jacob released a CD of his songs called "Soldier’s Heart.” On September 14th 2014 at age 32, Jacob George lost his battle with PSTD. 118th is used her with the permission of Jacob’s surviving family. We miss you brother!
Vocals & Banjo: Jacob George
Backup Vocals & Ukulele: Kelly Mulhollan
Backup Vocals: Donna Stjerna
Drums: Steve Ragle
Recorded and mixed by Kelly Mulhollan at Termite Tracs in Fayetteville, AR
© Operation Awareness (OA)