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  1. The War Is Over
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The War Is Over

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The War is Over
8/00 - 3/30/01 - 8/2004
Written By Jason Moon

The moment came, just like we knew it would.
Standing there wishing I could tell you, all the things I should have said.
Well sometimes, you lied, sometimes you cried, and sometimes you weren’t even there.
Standing there with your finger in my face telling me how much you care.
And all the words I say just come out wrong.
The party’s over, yeah the moneys all gone.

I woke up; packed up all my things.
The hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, was taking off this god damn ring.
Well, you’re standing there, with your hands in the air, telling me you’re moving on.
I’m lying here, with a tear in my eye, trying so hard to hold on.
And I’m wondering if you’re not already gone.
The party’s over, yeah the moneys all gone.

Looking back now, I see where I went wrong.
It took you breaking my heart before I finally wrote you one love song.
To tell you that I need you, to tell you that I love you, that you’re all I care about.
Searching around, looking for a way to show you we can work it out.
And I got down on my knees in front of everyone.
The party’s over, yeah the moneys all gone.


I picked up the pieces, and walked off down the road.
The middle of a warm October, yet I’ve never felt so god damn cold.
Maybe you don’t need me, and maybe you don’t love me, and maybe I’m just too late.
It took me so long to learn how to love and now I’m trying not to hate.
But I can’t change your heart with just a song.
The war is over, the healing has begun.
The war is over, the healing has begun.

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