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Alone With Me Tonight

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Alone With Me Tonight
Winter 2004
Written By Jason Moon

Every morning when I wake up without you.
Stand in front of the mirror wondering what to do.
Either time is slipping by so fast, or my clocks are running slow.
I’d get up and leave tomorrow, but I got no place to go.
And everybody keeps telling me, that everything’s gonnal be all right.
But I don’t see anybody here, alone with me tonight.

The mystery and the marvel, of a smile on a face.
Broken dreams and empty bottles have taken their place.
Everywhere I look; it seems my life is falling down.
Running into a brick wall every time I turn around.
At the end of the tunnel, that’s where you find the light.
But darkness is all I see, alone with me tonight.

The seasons keep on changing, and the world keep spinning round.
Just when I think the worst is over, I find I’m sinking down.
Memories of the things I’ve seen, they swirl and whirl and twirl.
And suddenly it’s not so easy to make it in this world
Trying hard to keep it, out of sight and out of mind.
But their faces are all I see, alone with me tonight.

Trying hard to keep it all inside, but it’s so hard to pretend.
Wait around and see, when this nightmare, will finally end.

The song is very simple, the story and the rhyme.
From Sophocles to Wounded Knee, it’s been told a thousand times.
Still I if feel I’m the only one, who’s ever felt this way.
Watching the man I used to be forever slip away.
No matter how I try, I just can’t get it right.
Feeling like a big mistake, alone with me tonight.
Feeling like a big mistake, alone with me tonight.

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