Warrior Songs - Veteran Healing Retreats

Retreat Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in attending a Warrior Songs Creative Arts Retreat. In order to create and maintain a safe and healing environment we ask that you read and adhere to the following guidelines.

Please do not bring weapons, alcohol or non prescription drugs to the retreat. Respect and confidentiality for each persons journey and story will be expected. No violence will be tolerated.

For emergency purposes only, we ask that you disclose any prescription medications that has a daily dosage deemed by your physician essential to maintaining life and/or emotional or psychological stability. While we cannot demand such information from you, in the unlikely event that you should become ill and unable to communicate effectively, knowledge of such prescriptions stated above, would be essential information to any emergency physician called upon to care for you. All such information would be kept completely confidential and not shared with anyone other than emergency medical help required for your care.

Participants are asked to be present for the duration of the retreat so that we can develop a strong container of support and trust.

We may schedule an event to provide an opportunity for participants to share various art forms with the community sponsoring the retreat. Participation is requested, but not required.