About the Founder


Warrior Songs was founded by Jason Moon, singer/songwriter and Iraq War veteran. Jason served in Iraq in 2003 and 2004 as a General Construction Equipment Operator in a combat engineer battalion. He was honorably discharged from the Wisconsin Army National Guard in August 2004.
After returning home, Jason struggled with the challenge of reintegrating into civilian life. Prior to his deployment he had been a singer/songwriter, but, overcome with strong emotions about his combat experience, Jason was unable to finish a single song.
Jason became plagued with insomnia, depression, hyper-vigilance, nightmares, and numerous other symptoms. Troubled by the changes in himself, Jason sought treatment and was diagnosed with PTSD.
His road to healing was extremely difficult, culminating in hospitalization after a failed suicide attempt in 2008. After being released from the hospital, Jason vowed to no longer allow PTSD to control his life. He took a more vigorous approach in his healing and began connecting with other veterans who struggled with similar challenges.
In 2009, Jason was interviewed for the feature film documentary “On the Bridge”, and was asked to record an original song for the credits roll. The experience energized him to begin to write music in earnest again, and led to the release in 2010 of his album “Trying to Find My Way Home”, which chronicles Jason’s journey in overcoming the difficulties of living with PTSD.
Jason toured the country over the next year, meeting a huge number of veterans who testified to the power and positive effect of his music in their own journey to recovery. He learned he had the ability to turn his pain and struggles into something they could relate to – music.
Believing that other veterans could benefit from the cathartic process
of creating music, Jason took steps to form Warrior Songs, a non-profit organization bringing hope and healing to veterans through music!

Jason Moon's web page for his own individual music apart from his work at Warrior Songs can be found here