(Jason's) music is medicine

There is a belief that art is medicine. Jason Moon’s music is medicine for all who listen. The universal theme of “home” as described in his poignant song, “Trying to Find My Way Home”, reaches veterans and their families, as well as civilians. The lyrics gently tell his story of serving in the Iraq war, bringing forth not only his memories, but also inviting those who listen to the possibilities of healing and return. Jason’s zeal in using his music as a tool to share his experiences is present in his passionate performances .The words he sings and the timbre of his voice are testimony to his own healing and foster personal inquiry to one’s inner landscape: ” Can I come home too ?”. I have personally witnessed the effect of his songs at a retreat for veterans. His music sets the tone for healing. His message is that there is hope, and that you can come home again. 

Lin Daley, Veteran Healer