Story to Song Program

This program facilitates collaboration between established musicians and veterans to turn a veteran’s story into song, which then becomes a platform for reflection, transformation and healing.

Here’s how it works:

Veterans are invited to submit poetry, story and song at Warrior Songs event. Veterans retain all rights to original material, and identities are kept confidential if desired at the veteran’s discretion.

Warrior Songs chooses material that represents important issues faced by veterans and has the potential to be converted to song. Selections span all genres of music and reflect accurately the diverse population of the military.

A team of songwriters designated by Warrior Songs will collaborate to transform the selected submissions into musical arrangements. Whenever possible songwriters who are military veterans are included in this process and submitting veterans are consulted during the process. The final creation must be approved by the submitting veteran before it can proceed. The submitting veteran retains the right to retract their submission or leave the project, retaining all rights to their material.

Songs are recorded in a professional recording studio to create a compilation CD of the songs. Whenever possible, musicians who are military veterans are utilized in the processes of recording, producing and promoting CD’s.

Final product will be a full length CD which will be released to the public. Sale of the CD’s is used to raise funds for future Warrior Songs activities. All rights to original material remain with the veteran who originally created it.

You can listen to some Story to Song music here.

For more information, or to submit material for this project, please contact us. Or you can read this article from the Green Bay Press Gazette. (Original here)

Warrior Songs is currently working on two Veterans CD’s. One, dedicated exclusively to women veterans, and the other covering a broad swath of veterans issues. All created from the stories, poems, and songs of veterans.

Photo credit: Poetry of the Music by Lel4nd, on Flickr. Used with a Creative Commons license.