PTSD/MST Community Education and Entertainment

Jason Moon, founder of Warrior Songs, engages participants using song, story and humor to educate audiences about the truth of our veterans’ experiences and struggles with Post Traumatic Stress. These programs offer an ideal way to raise awareness and/or funds for groups and organizations seeking to help returning veterans. The audience will leave with a deeper understanding of what PTSD is and how it affects veterans as they try to reintegrate into productive civilian life.

Jason, who battles with PTSD himself, has developed these shows to encourage understanding and awareness of PTSD and related issues to civilian populations. He shares his tremendous insights and uses his story, hoping that it will help others who struggle as he does. PTSD has reached an epidemic level among servicemen and servicewomen. Jason both explains why this is, and offers creative, effective strategies to help those who find themselves stuck in the grip of this reality.

Show topics include:

  • Concrete ways to help our soldiers and veterans who suffer from PTSD
  • Six things you should never say to a veteran
  • How current wars differ from previous wars and how these conditions compound the problem of PTSD
  • Why welcome home parades and ceremonies are not enough
  • How PTSD affects our veterans after they return home
  • How military training discourages veterans who suffer from PTSD to seek help and how the disability claims process for PTSD makes the malady worse.
  • Why incidents of suicide and rape are epidemic among soldiers and veterans of current conflicts
  • What you and/or your group can do to be part of the solution.

Educational Encouragement Performances for Veterans and Military Personnel



Jason is a strong, compassionate and tireless advocate for female veterans and especially those suffering from MST. He has spent hours listening to, and learning from, those who have shared their experiences with him. He’s preformed at national women veteran’s events including the National Women’s Veterans Association of America, and is well equipped to take part in events focusing on MST awareness. Warrior Songs is currently seeking to find a female veteran who would be willing to do with music for MST what Jason does with music for PTSD

Typical performances last approximately 90 minutes. Depending on the needs of the sponsoring organization they can range from 1 – 2 hours. They are appropriate in almost any venue. No room or audience is too large or too small. Though not graphic in nature, they may not be appropriate for audiences that include young children.

These performances can also be brought in for veterans in various stages of transition. When this is the case the focus is less on education of the issues (the veterans live with them every day), but rather the hard facts of what happens if you do not get treatment or use substances to hide from the pain. In this capacity Jason is very effective in reaching veterans who were isolated and bringing them to a point where they are ready to deal with their issues. Jason has performed a VA hospitals all over the US and has received 100’s of email from veterans thanking him for his message of hope. Please check out our endorsements page to read the testimonials of veterans for you

For more information please contact us. We would be happy to tailor an event just for you.