Duke University - In/Visable Wounds Exhibit Closing Event: Military Experience and Performing Arts

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Duke University - Fredric Jameson Gallery,, Epworth Dorm Ln,, Durham, NC 27705

Warrior Songs is honored to have it's founder Jason Moon present at Duke University's exhibit of David Jay's "THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER photography. The exhibit is part of Duke's "IN/VISIBLE WOUNDS" speaker series. Jason Moon will present at the closing ceremonies. More information at https://sites.duke.edu/veteransconference2017/2017/10/18/closing-event/ More details from event website: Friday, November 17, 2017 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm Fredric Jameson Gallery Friedl Building on Duke’s East Campus Quad Join us for a final night of public discussion and performance to mark the closing of the exhibit THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER by David Jay. “Military Experience and Performing Arts” will explore themes related to military service, traumatic injury, and recovery through song, dance, and spoken word. Panelists include actress Nicki Hart, dancer Taylor Gordon, singer-songwriter Jason Moon, and poet and playwright Maurice Decaul. The event will be emceed by scholar and performer Sonny Kelly. Light refreshments will be served.