Warrior Songs presents Jason Moon's "7 Things Not to Say to a Veteran"

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Durham North Regional Library, 221 Milton Road Durham, North Carolina 27712

Jason Moon will finish up his outreach trip to 2017 outreach trip to North Carolina with a presentation at Durham North Regional Library in the North Regional Meeting Room. Jason will present his "7 Things Not to Say to a Veteran" presentation. More event info can be found here.


About the presentation. Jason Moon uses science, humor, storytelling and his personal experience to weave together an entertaining and educational investigation into the world of military PTSD. Through music and song Jason takes the audience into a deeper understanding and gratitude for what veteran’s lives are like when the return from war with PTSD. His performance not only informs, but also offers real life solutions for how to listen and communicate with those suffering from PTSD. This presentation is suitable for all audiences especially for those who live or work with active duty service members or veterans.