Warrior Songs wins the 2018 WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) award for Folk Music

Warrior Songs is honored to receive the 2018 WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) award for Folk Music. Warrior Songs is a 501.c.3 nonprofit that helps veterans heal from the wounds of war by turning their stories and trauma into songs. We accept this award on behalf of all the great Wisconsin musicians that contributed to this project. If i missed you or your not tagged, let me know in the comments and i'll fix it. Sincerely - Jason Moon 

From “Women at War: Warrior Songs Vol. 2” (Release date 11/10/2018) 
Sonja St John 
Surround In Sound Studio 
Kevin Welsh 
Jonathon Leubner 
Tom Haines 
Lindsay Jensen Edgeworth 
Beth Kille 
Lisa Johnson 
Anna Wang 
Erica Berman 
Sexy Ester 
Jason Moon 
Shawndell Marks 
Kelsey Miles 
Teddy Davenport 

From “If You Have to Ask… Warrior Songs Vol. 1” (11/2016) 
Nic Tassone 
Attic Studio 
Courtney Reynolds 
Kyle Rightley 
Landon Arkens 
Adam Cargin 
Brian Knapp 
Dojo Studio 
Erin Krebs 
Jeff Johnston 
Monterey Trail 
Paul Wisneski 
Kevin A Bauer 
Mark Gauthier 
Barry Krueger 
Marc Golde 
Rock Garden Studio 
Jesse Frewerd 
Marc Villa 
Sheila Shigley 
Kris Sheehan 
Bob Manor 
Powers Recording 
Theo Merriweather 
Mati Ardis 
Samantha Lieven 
Michelle Klotz 
Bonnie Scholz 
Melissa Doud 
The Mambo Surfers 
Ron Jones 
Saji Villoth 
Darrell Williams 
Jonny “Shuffle” Hakala 
K.D. Davis 
Hank Aldrich 
Bryan Oliver 
Offbeat Press 
James Wachtendonk James 

These are just the Wisconsin musicians who've contributed to the music Warrior Songs creates. There are dozens and dozens more national musicians. Thank you all for this amazing honor. We accept this award for all the artists who contribute! 


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