Warrior Songs Inc. is a non-profit organization which brings hope and healing to veterans through music and the creative arts. 

Save the Date: V4V Fundraiser August 13th 

Join us for "A DAY AT POPS". A day of celebration and community in support of the "Veggies for Vets" initiative*.
A "Bands In The Barn" Jacob George Memorial Concert** Live Wisconsin Bluegrass, Americana & Folk-Rock

12n-12:45 Guitars 4 Vets Band
1:00-1:45 Greg Thornburg - http://www.gregthornburg.com/
2:00-3:00 Jason Moon - http://www.jasonmoon.org/
3:15-4:00 Tairis - https://www.facebook.com/TairisBand/
4:20-5:20 American Feedbag - http://www.americanfeedbag.com/
5:40-7pm The Gambol: http://thegambolmusic.com/

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Help vets heal through the arts.

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