Upcoming Retreat
Creative Arts Retreat for Women Veteran who survived MST
March 22-26, 2023
at The Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale, AZ

This retreat is full

2023 Warrior Songs Creative Arts Retreat for US Military Women Veteran who have survived MST

Franciscan Renewal Center, 5802 E Lincoln Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85253

Wednesday March 22rd, 2023 - Check in no later than 5pm
Sunday March 26th, 2023 - Released 11am

16 Women Veterans who survived MST*
*Warrior Songs is aware that many MST survivors were driven out of the military as a consequence of their assault or harassment.  For this reason, Warrior Songs does not concern ourselves with the nature of a veterans discharge. 

This retreat is staffed by six retreat facilitators.   4 of the staff are women, while 2 are men.  Four are military veterans, three are civilians.  Two of the facilitators are combat veterans.  At least three of the facilitators are survivors of sexual assault.  Three of the facilitators suffer military PTSD.  One of the facilitators is a survivor of Military Sexual Trauma.  A full list of the retreat facilitators with name and photo will be posted to the Warrior Songs website by October 1st, 2023. 

A 4-day retreat utilizing the creative arts to explore and find healing from military sexual trauma.  Utilizing the “Warrior’s Path” as outlined by our friend Dr. Ed Tick in his book “War in The Soul”, the veteran explores several aspects of their military journey - joining, down range/ trauma, reintegration, and recovery.  6 experienced facilitators – 3 veteran and 3 civilians, lead the retreat.  An art show is held on Saturday night and is open to the public.  There, each veteran is presented an opportunity to present a piece of their art to the audience.  Participation in the art show is completely voluntary and the veterans decide what art, if any, is displayed. 

To assist 16 women veterans who have survived MST in rediscovering their wholeness so that they may find healing from their trauma. To empower survivors to thrive by utilizing the creative arts to externalize the inexpressible internal turmoil trauma creates.  To provide veterans opportunities to address stuck points from different perspectives utilizing the creative arts.  To facilitate the integration of techniques learned at the retreat into the veterans continued healing path.

Cost to Veteran
Free for 16 Women Veteran MST Survivors
8 Arizona residents – with travel stipend for gas
8 out of state resident – with travel stipend for airfare

Cost to Warrior Songs 
$27,000.00 total
$1,687.50 per veteran

Requirements of Veterans
Have enlisted into the United States Military
Have survived Military Sexual trauma or Military Sexual Rape
Have a willingness to participate in the retreat to the best of their abilities with an earnest desire to heal from the trauma.
Have mental health support available post retreat.

To assist you in discerning if this retreat is right for you, please review some of the music videos created from the group songwriting project from our previous retreats

2019 Scottsdale, AZ – Women MST https://youtu.be/QuUyS1VNEzs

2017 Racine, WI – All gender PSTD https://youtu.be/hSy6wTvmttE